Grand Final

  • TH prefers a world where all occupations are paid the same salary
  • Semifinals

  • THW impose opioid prescription caps on hospitals and clinics
  • Quarterfinals

  • THS eco-interventionism in Brazil
  • Round 6

  • Assuming limited resources, THBT queer advocates should prioritize increasing queer media representation in children's media over adult/general media
  • Round 5

  • THS the decline of US hegemony
  • Round 4

  • TH prefers proposed welfare policies that are universal rather than need-based (e.g. UBI vs welfare, free college education vs. increased financial aid, etc.)
  • Round 3

  • THBT the feminist movement should reject policies and norms that benefit women but whose justification is based in sexism (e.g. custody battles, parental leave from work, paying for dates)
  • Round 2

  • THW ban criminal records for non violent offences
  • Round 1

  • In western liberal democracies, THBT political parties do more harm than good